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Bah! to incompetence

September 3rd, 2005 at 06:02 am

So, usually I don't deposit my paychecks right away. That way, I can deposit 2 at once, and it lessens the amount of time I have to see these crazy high figures that aren't representative of what I *have* at all, because I don't get taxes taken out (this problem will be taken care of in the coming months with a "taxes" subaccount at ING, but for now, this has been my plan).

So yesterday I went to the bank with 2 paychecks to deposit.

On one of them, my boss hadn't written the year in at all. Thankfully, the cashier let me write it in.

On the other one, my boss had written the year as 2004. The cashier refused to cash it.

Of course, by that time (1:00 pm) my boss had left work. I'll talk to him about it on Tuesday, but this makes me really, really glad I don't live paycheck to paycheck.

Yesterday was a no-spend day (I conquered cravings for caffeine twice! ha!) but today's going to be expensive! First, clothes shopping- Hit up labor day sales, combined with no-tax weekend, and buy all the clothes I'll need for the next few months. I have a spending limit of $200. I have a plan- Filene's Basement/ TJ Maxx first (in the same building downtown), Burlington Coat Factory (close by, and sometimes has some nice stuff) then Macy's and H&M. H&M is probably my favorite store, but I'll save it to the end because their price point is slightly higher than some of the others... Even Macy's 5th floor (the 'casual', non-designer floor) beats H&M when Macy's has a good sale.

I want to get that all done by 1:00 or 2:00, because I have to meet my BF at some point. We're going to a party at a friend of mine's apartment tonight, and he's asked me to bring liquor, so that'll probably be another $10-$20, depending what I buy. The people who will be there are all in college, so they're not expecting anything high class, but I don't drink beer, and I'd rather bring something I'm willing to drink myself.

So... Expected spending for the day... Probably $240. But it's in the budget, so I'm trying not to let it hurt too bad. I still have clothes- that I need to wear to work sometimes- that I was wearing in middle school! That's not cool.

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