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Saving up for a camera

May 24th, 2007 at 05:32 am

So everything's on track with me financially. I'm contributing 15% of my salary to my Roth IRA. I'm putting 10% of my salary in my 'maybe-someday-I'll-want-to-buy-a-house' fund, which I just moved over to Vanguard's Prime Money Market Fund. My emergency fund could be bigger, but since I can dip into the someday-house fund quickly and use that as a second emergency fund if I need, I'm not that worried about it at the moment.

Of course, I still want things.
And since getting out of school and getting a real job, I've never really saved *for* things. If I wanted something, I would buy it.

Now, I'm trying to save up for the thing I want- an entry-level DSLR camera (the Nikon D50). It's about $600 with the kit lens. Right now I'm able to save about $100 a month for it, I think.

It's tough not to just go out and buy it, when the money's right there in my account. But if I can even save up half by July, maybe I can ask for the other half for my birthday.