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Feeling pretty good

December 11th, 2006 at 04:49 pm

Well, I'm wrapping up 2006 and feeling pretty good about this year. Though I was unemployed for most of it, I did manage to find a job in the end, and though I accumulated some credit card debt, it's amost paid off ($250 left; will be paid off by the end of this month). This Christmas I will be totally debt-free.

One of the accomplishments this year that I'm proudest of money-wise (besides the whole job thing) is that I finally put together an Investment Policy Statement. This is basically a statement of where I am as an investor and where I want to be. It contains a listing of my assets, my asset allocation, my investment strategy, etc, etc. I did that in the middle of November and I just looked it over for the first time again today... I feel for the first time like I have a road map to where I want to go. It's all laid out: how much in stock, how much in bonds, how much domestic and international stock, how I will choose which mutual funds to invest in, tax efficiency considerations, acceptable loss amounts.

My paycheck from Friday was the first check that got after finishing the statement, and right after getting it I was able to put a certain amount into my savings account and a certain amount into investments. It really lets you automate your savings and investing, and takes the worry out of it.

Oh, and all my holiday shopping's done, with the exception of 2 gifts I still have to buy, but I can do that this weekend.