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Making da money

September 6th, 2005 at 05:56 pm

OK, not much. Worked for my roommate 1 hr over the weekend and 1 hr tonight. Still, a good money-making opportunity, since it (after tax, anyway) can go straight into savings. I'll probably do a little more work for her tonight, but my back's hurting right now, so I'm going to get off the computer. Work is hectic... I'm not looking forward to working extra tomorrow, Thursday, and probably some this weekend, especially since I don't get overtime pay. But stuff has to get done... The scheduling of this project frustrates me so much! I'm in charge of a group of 4 people. I try to motivate them, I try to make them work hard, and they always get stuff done by their deadlines. However, we frequently have HUGE lag times between when we finish one project and the time we can start the next. And since I have to do about a week of prep work before I can give my team their assignments... I usually end up having to do that week of prep work within 3 days, just so that I don't have to tell all my people... "uh... I don't know.... Just surf the internet for now...". These people are motivated! They want to work! And productivity really ends up being killed by the other people in the organization. We could increase productivity by probably 10-25% if the people on the back end (or is it the front end? I don't really know business terminology. The people who do the 'prerequisites') would get their stuff done sooner.

Tue August 6

1.75- ice coffee

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