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Unexpected expenses... Small, but annoying.

September 10th, 2005 at 05:23 am

Last month my roommates didn't send the rent check on time. This month we were charged $100 for it ($25 each). This month we're going to be sending it late too- my check's on the counter in the envelope. (It has to be there by the 10th, FYI). I don't know what everyone else's holdup is. If we get charged $100 this month, I'm not going to pay $25 for it. If they want to be late with their money, it's not my fault.

In addition to that, I broke (by accident, of course) my roommate's coffee maker, so that's going to be probably $25 to replace. I was supposed to yesterday, but the line at Starbucks (where she bought it) was so long, I put it off.

That, and I insist on paying half the time when my boyfriend and I go out... we've been going out 4 months and it's really past the point where I can just let him pay for stuff because I'm a girl. Since he got food poisoning last weekend and didn't want to tax his stomach, he picked the restaurant. It was more than I would have liked but I'll deal. Dinner out twice a month costs about the same- a little less- as lunch at work every day. If I brownbag every day, I don't do too badly on that budget item.

Thursday I didn't make a lunch because I was feeling sick in the morning, and couldn't look at food. Friday I made a lunch and forgot it on the kitchen table. I'm pretty awesome sometimes.

I need to update this stuff against my budget, and see if I'm within 1/3 of monthly expenses on dining out, groceries, snacks, etc. I'm at about 1/2 on cell phone minutes, so I'd better watch my talking. I'll switch to a $29.99 plan soon. It makes sense, if I typically spend about $43 on minutes.

Spending totals

Thur Sept 8 $5.83- lunch
$19.44- groceries
$21.68- cell phone minutes
Fri Sept 9 $1.50- ice coffee
$7.86- lunch
$49.10- dinner with boyfriend
$7.27- movie rental and candy

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