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Nothing much happening...

September 12th, 2005 at 07:08 pm

Not too much to report. Worked some for my roommate- not as much as I wanted to. Went grocery shopping, but should have made a list... I don't have a heck of a lot of stuff for meals on hand. I have stuff for:

Tuna sandwiches
PB+J sandwiches
Tuna macaroni salad
spaghetti with tomato sauce


Yeah. Next time I go grocery shopping, I definitely need to do more meal planning first. Got yogurt on sale, tuna on sale, grapes at a good price ($1.99/lb), turkey sausages- 2 packs (20 sausages) for $1.25 per package. That's $2.50 for 20, which seems pretty good.

Work is going to be so much better the next few months, as the boss I like is back! I anticipate some MAJOR conflicts of authority, though, between him and the top boss. I don't really know who I'm supposed to be reporting to, they both seem to think they're my immediate supervisor, and they sometimes give me contradictory instructions.

Spending Sunday and Monday

$11.92- household items (Already over my $10 household budget! Ah, well, it was my turn to buy t.p.)
$7.01- personal hygiene (well under budget so far)
$27.47- groceries (still well under budget for the month)
$1.25- coke at work
$0.05- gift to roommate (was rolling pennies and she had 45)

Yeah, I record every nickel. Doesn't mean I am stingy with it, just that I write it down.

Oh, and thanks to those who commented on my last journal entry, about "Money" magazine. I'll look into Kiplinger's-- the library is too inconvenient for me to read it there (plus, magazines are my annoying habit- it's hard for me not to buy 1 a month. I figure it might as well be a magazine I learn something from rather than one of those women's magazines.)

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