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slightly pricey weekend

September 19th, 2005 at 04:33 am

I had a pretty good weekend. Didn't do a lot, though I did work for my roommate for a couple of hours so I earned some money doing that.

Saturday was my boyfriend's cousin's birthday, and I went out with them to a restaurant called Zen Palate to eat. It was pretty good, although I was a little surprised by the prices. The website had the prices in the $8-$10 range. The meals there ranged from $13-$19, and once the bill was split, I owed $23. That's fine, it was fun and I got to spend some time with my boyfriend and his family.

Sunday I had a meeting with a friend of mine about a film he's doing. He wanted some input on the storyboards. I think I was able to give him some helpful advice. I'm going to give him a schedule I used- it's just an Excel spreadsheet, but it was really helpful when I was making my film.

Sat Sept 17 4.00- transportation- 2-trip metrocard
23.00- Dinner, Zen Palate
1.97- Ice coffee
Sun Sept 18 76.00- monthly metrocard
1.18- coke @ Wendy's
2.35- Dinner, hotdog place

Everything- even dining out! is still relatively under budget, with 11 days left to go in September.

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