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But I don't wanna save today!

January 27th, 2007 at 05:09 am

Occasionally my inner child pops up and cries and screams and wants something. Something shiny and expensive. It's been happening for me since the beginning of this year, and even before. Two things I want- a digital SLR camera and a trip to Europe- that aren't cheap.

And here's the thing. I can mostly avoid the temptation of putting them on my plastic. But I can't avoid the feeling that if I just didn't save any money one month- just took one month out of a year off of savings- I could get the camera I want. Just two months off of savings and I could take myself to Europe.

None of my savings is on automatic. I have no 401(k) option at work, and for now I've disabled the auto-save to my IRA, since any contributions automatically made now would go for 2007, and I need them to go for 2006. I have to make that choice each pay period, to save money rather than buy the things I want.

The only thing that's really keeping me honest? The knowledge that the project I'm on at work is ending in February, and I may not have a job for a while after that. Oh, that and the fact that I need some dental work soon. Also not cheap.

1 Responses to “But I don't wanna save today!”

  1. tinapbeana Says:

    ooooh, i know that SLR feeling!!! and the europe feeling too, to be honest, but i think if i had the camera i'd take a ton of pictures stateside and be OK with it Big Grin
    just out of curiosity, which SLR are you eyeballing? i myself am looking at a mid-grade under a grand version that would suit my needs just fine. more specifically, one that is inexpensive enough that i could sell my current camera and help offset the cost somewhat...

    ah, someday! in the meantime, perhaps you should start funds for a camera and the trip. are you in the $20 challenge? perhaps the challege money could go towards one of these!

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